Raise the Roof and how you can help us fundraise

August 19th:
We have started a Justgiving donation site in order to make it easier for us to have one clear channel to pool our fundraising monies directly to the Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre – Raise the Roof Fund. Just click on the Justgiving site and see how you can help!
July and work has now started:
Sunday, July 14th – Coffee Morning at Bubwith Sports and Leisure Centre. Local residents and committee members came along to see the architect drawings for Phase 1 of work to be carried out.
The two architect sketches show the proposed interior of the hall and the exterior view from the front and side.
The other photograph shows work progressing with one of the new windows in the hall.
May 2019:

SUCCESS, TO THE TUNE OF £196,924.75.

Rebuilding the hall at the Leisure Centre can now go ahead!

Grants have been awarded to enable the work to be done through July and August this summer. The hall will remain a multi-function room of substantial size, our unique selling point in the area. We can host sports and social events and now it will all be to a much higher standard.
There will be a fresh look outside, with new insulated exterior cladding, walls and roof, and large feature windows. Inside, we plan complete redecoration, with a purpose-designed sound system, acoustic baffles, air conditioning and lighting to cover the various requirements of our regular and occasional users. We will be able to black out the windows to revive the community cinema, but need a little extra funding and a person to lead that.

This is only the start. Phase 2 begins as soon as we have drawn breath and can develop the plans for the rest of the building. Would you like to join a winning team? There is still a lot to consider and new ideas would be very welcome, and new friends to share the fun. We will be holding an information event soon, so look out for that. It is your community centre, for you to enjoy. Huge thanks to those who have contributed so much so far.

At this time especial thanks to the two bodies who are putting up the money:
FCC Communities Foundation Ltd – £100,000, formerly known as WREN, the landfill  fund and Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), LEADER Coast, Wolds, Wetlands and Waterways, £96,924.75.

Keep up to date with all that is happening, our regular and irregular events, parties, functions etc, by bookmarking our website, and liking our Facebook Page. We would really value your support.

– Dr Richard Moore, chair, and all the committee, May 20th, 2019.

March 2019:
GOOD NEWS!! Our proposed Phase 1 refurbishment project, to completely upgrade our hall, inside and out, is projected to cost approximately £200,000, and to that end we have applied for grants from WREN’s FCC Community Action Fund, and from LEADER. We should know the LEADER outcome within a couple of weeks, but we  are now able to announce that we have been awarded the full £100,000 grant from WREN. Huge thanks to WREN from our trustees.
WREN is a not-for-profit business that awards grants for community, biodiversity and heritage projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund, we are massively grateful to WREN for the confidence that they have shown in the Committee in awarding this large grant. Fingers crossed that LEADER have the same confidence, we should hear from them in the next couple of weeks
Our project to enhance facilities for those less able is now complete after a spend of some £16,500, the result is fantastic please take a look when next in the Centre. Since its inception the charity has always operated with regard to everybody who wished to take part in activities being able to do so and it is hoped that these improved facilities for the disabled show the commitment to all people in our community. The Committee wishes to say a huge thank you to DRAX and the Bernard Sunley Foundation for grants  and a great big thank you to Bubwith Parish Council for a grant and for project managing the improvements on our behalf
Come down and see for yourself what is going on!!
My thanks to the committee of trustees, I cannot help noticing we are mostly old men!! We are enthusiastic and energetic, and determined to improve facilities for the locality. We don’t bite though, and it would be lovely to have some new volunteers to bring in fresh ideas, perhaps with a younger angle, maybe feminine? Do you need a new line on the curriculum vitae, if so here is a chance.
It all takes time, so we might be looking at mid 2019 for the major work which has to be done within the summer months.

The Great Get Together in 2018 was a great success and attracted a great crowd who enjoyed a wide range of outdoor entertainment. There was a wonderful selection of refreshments and ice cream was available too!

Activities for children was the focus of the event – they had a chance to play as firemen on a fire appliance brought by Howden Fire Station, and the North Duffield Dragons arranged a Junior World Cup football event that attracted eight teams from as far as Bradford. The musical accompaniment was provided by AllsortZ they performed two one hour sessions which were aligned with the mood of the event and contributed to the whole experience.

The event was a great success, fun was had by all and the weather was amazing. It was organised by the Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre, the Friends of Bubwith School, Bubwith under 5’s and the Youth Club – any proceeds from the event will be reinvested back into maintaining the sustainability of these groups within the community.

A big thank you must go to Barry Webber for coordinating all the activities running up to Saturday afternoon.

The Bubwith Tennis Club, situated adjacent to the Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre, held a 24 hour Midsummer Madness Marathon from 3pm on Friday, 22/6 until 3pm on Saturday, 23/6 as part of TGGT. Tennis players from many local clubs came along to join in with the fun throughout the day and night. Money was raised for the up keep of the three artificial grass courts.

‘Raise the Roof ‘ – What is it?

Our major redevelopment project, including raising the roof over the lower part of the building to the same height as the hall roof, so trebling the useful space upstairs in the building.

What else is involved?
The whole roof will then be insulated and re-covered, and so will the walls, with new windows in the hall and upstairs giving a much smarter and less industrial appearance.

What about inside?
Upstairs will be re-configured to create a dedicated suite for the Under-5s pre-school, with further rooms for small events, meetings, exercise, or consultations.

And the Hall?
It will still be multipurpose, but with natural light and improvements to the appearance and acoustics. It will cater for sports and exercise, and for dancing and major events.