Raise the Roof

The Howden Sponsored Bike Ride was on Sunday, 23rd September 2018.
Dr Richard Moore and Shirley had a great day, and monies they raised has gone towards the Raise The Roof Fund. The course was completed in 2hrs 15mins. A brilliant result, well done.

“Over 170 riders took part and raised nigh on £8000 so well done and many thanks to all” – Richard Longthorp, Chair of Rotary, Howden.

January 2019: We are pleased to be making progress with the complete refurbishment of the disabled facilities and cloakroom.

We are still in negotiations regarding our major plans to refurbish the exterior of the building and the hall, hoping to have positive news of this in the next few months. We have had to divide the project into phases as we were unsuccessful in raising the money to do the refurbishment in one go. We have therefore identified the Hall as Phase One and have now applied for grant support to LEADER and WREN, and hope to have a response from them by the end of March 2019.

My thanks to the committee of trustees, I cannot help noticing we are mostly old men!! We are enthusiastic and energetic, and determined to improve facilities for the locality. We don’t bite though, and it would be lovely to have some new volunteers to bring in fresh ideas, perhaps with a younger angle, maybe feminine? Do you need a new line on the curriculum vitae, if so here is a chance.

It all takes time, so we might be looking at mid 2019 for the major work which has to be done within the summer months.

Raise the Roof What is it?

Our major redevelopment project, including raising the roof over the lower part of the building to the same height as the hall roof, so trebling the useful space upstairs in the building.

What else is involved?
The whole roof will then be insulated and re-covered, and so will the walls, with new windows in the hall and upstairs giving a much smarter and less industrial appearance.

What about inside?
Upstairs will be re-configured to create a dedicated suite for the Under-5s pre-school, with further rooms for small events, meetings, exercise, or consultations.

And the Hall?
It will still be multipurpose, but with natural light and improvements to the appearance and acoustics. It will cater for sports and exercise, and for dancing and major events.