Outside Space – Future Plans 2021

You may remember The Survey, to gauge opinion from all who kindly took part as to what is needed and can be provided for the community. We have analysed the results, and have taken advice from a consultant through Sport England. Covid has brought into focus a number of activities we lack, or are little involved in, but which you have told us you would like to see developed. Top of the list are outside activities such as walking, running and cycling. Through 2020 we have developed plans to improve what we offer outside the building. We are almost at the stage of making a planning application, so can reveal our aspirations.
The concrete terrace outside the bar is small and unattractive, we plan to extend and landscape it forward by about five metres to allow for better seating and spectating of cricket matches. To allow for this the cricket and football pitches will be extended further south, and the square extended a little in gradual steps. The whole area will be surrounded by a firm track suitable for running, walking or cycling, about 600m or one third of a mile in length. It will link via the bridge to the public footpath network. At the far end of the field the currently unused area will house a “learn to ride” area for budding cyclists to gain proficiency, and a pump track for the experts to practice their skills, maybe too for teenage cyclists, roller skaters, those on scooters or even the skateboarders. An area near the terrace will be a garden for The Treehouse nursery.
We then hope to create a new children’s playground between the carpark and the cricket field, and reclaim the existing playground area for car parking. This has long been an ambition, and a chance to introduce new equipment, including, it is rumoured, a zip-wire. The new site will be adjacent to the terrace so handy for mums and dads to sit and enjoy. The area would be fenced to traffic, and cricket balls, although locked and out of bounds during a cricket match for safety.
All this is subject to approval, and to raising the funds, no mean task at present, though we are making some progress in this respect. We have not abandoned our plans to develop upstairs in the Leisure Centre, but the higher level of funds would be even harder to obtain at the moment. Some of you will not yet have had chance to see our upgraded changing rooms and toilets, and re-decorations, completed during 2020, photographs including a great 360 degree shot– take a look!
So you will see we are making progress in providing what you have asked for, it will be our Annual General Meeting on 18th March, it will have to be a virtual meeting on Zoom. We would love to see any of you who are interested in what we are doing, or might wish to join us. Or you may prefer to put any questions you might have in writing? To get an invitation into the meeting, or to ask questions at the AGM, please contact Barry (Carpus) our secretary by email on