Phase Two of the refurbishment of the Bubwith Sports and Leisure Centre is underway!

October 21st, 2019: Phase Two is under way, with our first grant application already in. We plan to raise the roof of the remainder of the building and refit upstairs completely, with installation of a lift to improve access. It all depends on finding the funds, but we are very grateful to the local support already expressed.

In the meantime we welcome North Duffield Dragons football club’s under 13s team who have started playing at Bubwith. The committee would welcome a volunteer coming forward to organise football matters, this would be a great help. We are now the new home of the 64-piece Kaleidoscope Orchestra who practice here each Thursday evening.

We are also looking to host events and would like to recruit another volunteer to plan events, we have just been approached to hold a business conference of 150 people or so. So the enhanced hall facilities are already coming into use. Bookmark the website to keep up to date. Would you be interested? Give us a call on 01575 288299 or email