A Spring Message from our Chair

We are delighted to find that there is now considerably increased interest in the Leisure Centre facilities since the major upgrade to the hall in Summer 2019. Bookings for parties and private functions have snowballed.
We now have new Family Disco’s, arranged by Vicki, two down so far and plenty more planned for the year to come, see our calendar.
The bar is open on Monday and Friday evenings, come down and have a social chat and a drink, Paul is sure to make you very welcome. On Mondays there are Ballroom and Latin dance classes courtesy of Sophie so you may hear the strains of music in the background.
On Fridays we have a mixed bag, The first Friday of the month is Quiz night, the third Friday is Bingo. Why not give them a try, the Bingo jackpot this month is £125! Cinema is coming soon to another Friday evening, just a few technicalities to sort out first. Or you might like to organise something on the theme of Games. How about a Beetle Drive, or maybe whist, bridge, dominoes, canasta etc. We will be glad to host it, have a word if you would like to organise, email or phone. We would love to hear from you, join in the fun.