Raise the Roof Phase Two

Raise the Roof and How you Can help us Fundraise for the Future:

The Bubwith Daily Mile ( three times round is one mile!) is now complete and paid for, great LED lighting around the whole track. The refurbished footbridge at the far end – over the South Drain is to be completed around the beginning of December 2023. An announcement for this will be made before as the old footbridge will be out of service and access over this right of way will be hindered for a day or so. Please see social media from the end of November onwards. Funding is being sought at the moment for refurbishment of the terrace area outside the southern side of the centre. Details of this will become clear in January 2024. We are also looking to update the decoration and flooring of the bar / lounge area leading to this terraced area.  We will keep you up to date with these plans as 2023 continues and moves into 2024.

The plan for Phase Two is literally to raise the roof by about one and a half metres, so that it matches the higher hall roof. The existing will be craned up, the stanchions extended, then replaced, and new insulation and cladding installed to match the hall. This will have the effect of tripling the floor area upstairs, allowing installation of windows overlooking the tennis courts, playground and football fields, construction of a dedicated suite for small children, a large meeting room, a small studio for private treatments, instruction or consultations, a large function room for group classes such as fitness activities, and storage. Access will be via a new lift so all members of the community can be included.

All this will cost a great deal, and you can help us directly if you would be so kind, through our Easy Fundraising or The Giving Machine  online donation link.