Community Cinema

Our first film was to be Bohemian Rhapsody a classified 12A, the cost was to be £5 entry and the date Saturday, 14 November 2020 at 7pm. This has sadly been cancelled due to Lockdown . Hopefully we will be able to screen from 21/6 onwards.

If people are happy with the arrangements we will look to form a free-to-join film club to give priority information and booking via email, we have thoughts of regular showings plus family events Saturday or Sunday afternoons in the future.

BUT we need to take the first steps slowly to ensure that we get it right and give confidence to people wishing to attend

If you would like to attend please book above or give thoughts/comments to

The Trustees have changed the type of licence the Leisure Centre has to ensure that we can now show films legally. We have decided to try a cinema evening to see if people are willing to come, the latest Government Guidelines and laws have not changed the status of Bubwith Parish.

The Leisure Centre is Covid compliant, we have automatic sanitisers, we have QR for track and trace, we have a risk assessment, we have distancing and have decided that people would sit at tables to ensure spacing and safe distancing. You would come in the main entrance in a mask, sanitise and go to the main hall and be seated, at that point you can remove the mask, no-one will be allowed to leave seats except for a call of nature or to leave and masks will be needed in both cases. Exit will be via doors to the side of the tennis courts. Service from the bar will be at table, you will order and pay by card at table, no-one will be allowed in the bar

Hopefully these restrictions will give people confidence, we will operate a booking system and no-one will be allowed to pay on the door

If you feel happy with these arrangements and would like to attend please book by emailing with a maximum “Bubble” of 6 but you can book for 2 if required