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Bubwith Daily Mile

Bubwith Daily Mile

The trustees of the Leisure Centre Charity are pleased to add their congratulations to Bubwith White Swan CC for the achievement of winning the Foss Evening League 2022.

To re-establish the cricket team on the Bubwith cricket field, there is a requirement for a volunteer grounds person, specifically to look after the cricket square. The Cricket Club has not maintained the square this year, and it might take two years careful work before its fit for play in 2024 season. Obviously, the sooner work is restarted the sooner the square will become viable. Unfortunately, none of the current cricket team is available to take on this role.

Perhaps a parent/grandparent of a cricket-mad young person might like to be part of the cricket set-up? Is there a demand for junior cricket in the village? BLSC would welcome any expansion of cricket to involve more residents.

The contractors working on the Daily Mile have assured the trustees that the outfield will have recovered from their work by spring 2023 and will therefore be available for play summer 2023.

It is unfortunate that the Daily Mile project could not be completed as scheduled in 2021 but Sport England’s objection created a year long delay. This delay meant the cricket field was not available in 2022 causing the cricket team to find alternative facilities for this season – funded in part at an average of £75 per match by BLSC Charity.

Meanwhile ever-increasing costs for materials and labour, affecting all areas of the construction industry, has seen the overall cost of the Daily Mile project rise by some £32000, which has all but wiped out the Charity’s reserves. With maintenance work required on the fabric of the building and plans for the cycle pump track, new childrens play area and enhanced terrace still in the pipeline, there is a requirement for urgent replenishment of funds.

If you can help with the cricket field, please contact Neil Readman on either 07860 350858 or .


If you would like to learn more about opportunities to help BLSC in any capacity, then please contact any of the current Officers or Trustees who will be happy to answer any queries. Telephone:  01757 288299 or Email: 

September 2022.

Important message regarding cricket at Bubwith Sports and Leisure Centre

Cricket at Bubwith: Planning permission for the improvements to the external areas on the playing field included a condition insisted upon by Sport England, relating to ball strike assessment when playing cricket. Sport England then commissioned, and paid for, a feasibility study for the external improvements plus the ball strike concern.

A ball strike risk assessment was put forward by the independent company, this stated that the current layout of cricket showed an extreme risk of people being hit by a cricket ball. They then stated that, to counter this risk, nets/fencing of 14 metres would  need to be erected around the pitch on 3 sides, the the approximate cost of such work is estimated to be in the order of £50,000 and obviously these nets would need to be left in place all year around, as taking them up and down would be a job for a contractor.

We have passed this assessment to our insurance company, Zurich, which has responded stating that if these concerns were not mitigated by fencing, then related claims would be invalid.

The Charity Trustees realise that cricket has been played for decades on the playing field with few risks, but having now received the risk assessment and appraisal of no effective insurance cover, we instigated a meeting with the cricket team captain, which has resulted in the team saying that, in the light if these reports, they would need to play elsewhere. This is a disaster for them and for the village but in today’s climate of risk and litigation the only effective way of continuing would be to work with the outside company and cricket team to move the cricket pitch a lot further down the field, this is not an easy thing to do but would be a possibility in the future if sufficient funding can be raised. We can report that for this season, Bubwith White Swan Cricket Team will play at Escrick Cricket Pitch.