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Preparatory work on our long-awaited all-weather running/walking/cycling track has begun!

A Sport England survey of the village was undertaken which suggested that we should increase the use and inclusivity of the field to give everyone, young and old, full use of the field.

The sports consultant employed by Sport England also worked with us to transfer these aspirations into a plan.

The Daily Mile, so called because 3 times around the track is a mile, is seen as the centre of the multi-faceted scheme which will open up usage of the field to walkers/runners/cyclists for all year-round, all-weather use. The hope is that Park Run type walking/running clubs will be involved as the artificial surface will ensure people can take exercise in a safe and controlled environment, stopping off to socialise at both ends of the field. This will be a resource that can be used all hours as low level lighting will be installed to keep this accessible and feeling safe.

We also will be using the spoil from the track works to make, at a later date, a Cycling Pump track which will be at the end of the field beyond the football field; this will incorporate a cycling proficiency area for learners plus a testing banked track for older children. This will be accessible via the Daily Mile and will be sufficiently far away from housing to be safe for children and also give older children the opportunity to socialise and take part in exercise in a safe way.

The final step in the plan – at a future date, funds permitting – is to move and upgrade the children’s playground. It is hoped to move this nearer, and within sight of, the terrace so parents can keep watch on their little ones more easily.

This will give Bubwith something not available anywhere else in the East Riding.

When all of the above has been achieved this will give Bubwith a field open and inclusive for all and will encourage everyone to use it for the benefit of health and wellbeing.

Financially, grants have been sourced for the Daily Mile with huge assistance from FCC Community Foundation, Sport England and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, all of whom have given us huge support and encouragement, as did Victoria Aitken, our Ward Councillor. Preparatory work has now commenced; grants are now being sourced for the Cycle track which will cost around £100,000.

We encourage anyone with suggestions and ideas, plus a willingness to join the Trustees or work alongside them in achieving the aims above, to contact us.

We have an amazing link showing both inside and outside of the Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre –

360 degree video.

A bit about our beginnings: The 6 acres or so of land were acquired for the village in 1951, and currently comprise three tennis courts, a children’s playground, car park with a garage and a score board, and a cricket and football pitches. The main building, the Bubwith Sports and Leisure Centre, was built around 1990 and is the focus of many of our activities.

The whole enterprise is run by volunteers for the benefit of the wider community. The Charity, Bubwith Leisure and Sports Centre, no. 1177049, has a body of trustees elected each year.

Also within the Leisure Centre is the Bar and Lounge, this is Bubwith Leisure Centre Ltd., Company Number 04778831 and registered at Companies House.