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Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof What is it?


Our major redevelopment project, including raising the roof over the lower part of the building to the same height as the hall roof, so trebling the useful space upstairs in the building.


What else is involved?


The whole roof will then be insulated and re-covered, and so will the walls, with new windows in the hall and upstairs giving a much smarter and less industrial appearance.


What about inside?


Upstairs will be re-configured to create a dedicated suite for the Under-5s pre-school, with further rooms for small events, meetings, exercise, or consultations.


And the Hall?


It will still be multipurpose, but with natural light and improvements to the appearance and acoustics. It will cater for sports and exercise, and for dancing and major events.


When will it happen?


December 2017 we are out to tender.

January 2018 we apply for planning permission and grant aid.

Fingers crossed, it all happens Summer 2018!



March 2018:  The tenders are in.  We are applying for Grants.  The work may have to be phased depending on the funds made available.  This all takes time, so we might be looking at 2019 rather than 2018 for the major work which has to be done in the summer months.